Spokane Stealth Fastpitch Softball

Spokane Stealth Fastpitch is a part of USA Softball. We are a premier club based in Spokane, WA.  We offer teams for female athletes from ages 8 to 18 years old.  

Our priority as an organization reaches outside the lines of the softball field.  Stealth Fastpitch prioritizes the fundamentals of teaching and coaching young women the importance of character, independence, and skills necessary to succeed in life and the game of softball.

Stealth currently offers the following Teams for the 2018 - 2019 Season:

10U Routon - Exp. Club Player / Pitcher
12U Finch -  Filled
12U Coffield - Filled
14U Bischoff Pitcher/Catcher/Utility
16U Martinez - Filled
16U Tibbits - Filled
18U Shores/Dudley - Catcher
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We are building strong, confident young women who want to play softball at the ​next level
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  1. Player Age Categories
    How old is your player as of December 31, 2018? 10U - 10 or younger 12U - 12 or younger 14U - 14 or younger 16U - 16 or younger 18U - 18 or younger
  2. Competitive Club
    We are a competitive club. We develop our players mind, body and soul. We don't look for already great players, STEALTH MAKES GREAT PLAYERS!
  3. Girls Ages 8-18
    Girls wanting to learn and or perfect their skills on the field are encouraged to contact us.
  4. Looking to Play
    Are you a player that missed tryouts? You can contact coaches directly via email to see if there may still be room on our teams.
Our site is currently under Construction.  Please check back with us for updates. 10/05/2018
Events and Shout Outs are updated during the season. 
Please check back frequently for Club & Team news!
  1. 10U Experienced Club Player / Pitcher
    10U is looking for another experienced pitcher or player with previous club experience to join our team. If interested please contact Coach Ronell at the link below.
  2. 14U Pitcher/Catcher/Utility Player
    Our 14U Team is looking for an experienced pitcher/catcher/utility player to join our awesome team. If you are interested in trying out, please contact Coach Carla at the link below.
  3. 18U Committed Catcher
    Our dynamic 18U team is looking for a committed catcher to join us this season. If interested, please contact coaches at link below.
14U Contact
10U Contact
18U Contact